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  Founded in Aug. of 1994, the Chongqing Pacific Tool Industrial Co., Ltd is a nongovernmental and ISO certified enterprise, which situated in Chong Qing-a key industrial city in southwest China, it has been concentrating on planer blade researching, developing and manufacturing ever since it was founded. As the member of China National Hardware Association (CNHA) and China Electric Equipment Industrial Association (CEEIA) Electric Tool Branch as well as one of the main export bases in China cutting tool industry,we export various types of cutting tools and spare parts of electric tool to many areas and countries such as Europe, America, Middle East, Southeast Asia,Russia, Japan, Korea, Australia etc. We play an important role in tool industry in China.
  With business idea of “keep improving, keep innovating ” , we insist on science technology development and innovation idea to enhance core competitive edge and sustainable development capacity. We provide users with high-grade “ PACIFIC” cutting knives to expand market shares by means of first-class services and top grade quality.
  We were listed in CSTC on 2012-07-27 and we swear to supply our customers with best cost performance products and service as usual.

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