Advantages of WC Co hard alloy


1. Very high hardness and wear resistance. Generally between HRA86-93 and decreases with increasing cobalt content;
2. The bending strength at room temperature is between 90-150MPa, and the higher the cobalt content, the higher the bending strength;
3. Relatively stable chemical properties, able to withstand acid and alkali, and even without significant oxidation at high temperatures;
4. High thermal conductivity, about twice that of high-speed steel, increases with the increase of cobalt content;
5. The bending strength is 340-560Kg/mm2, and the compressive strength of hard alloy products under hot isostatic pressing reaches 600Kg/mm2;
6. The coefficient of thermal expansion is lower than that of high speed steel, carbon steel and copper, and increases with the increase of cobalt content;
7. High wear resistance, 15-20 times higher than the best high-speed steel.

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