There are still shortcomings in the development of hard alloy cutting tools in China


China has become the world's most promising tool market, and many multinational tool groups have always made expanding tool sales in China their first choice in their development strategies in the post crisis era. The Asia Pacific headquarters, research and development centers, training centers, logistics centers, and other enterprises have settled in China; By taking China as the center and radiating to Asia, we can serve customers more directly and conveniently, and better meet the special needs of customers in the Asia Pacific region. According to Luo Baihui, Secretary General of the International Mold and Hardware Plastic Industry Supplier Association, the main reason why the Chinese market has received such attention is due to the increasing proportion of Chinese market sales share in its global market share.
At present, Chinese cutting tool enterprises have occupied half of the market through continuous learning and strategic planning. However, several fatal problems have been highlighted in the development process of the enterprise. If not taken seriously or handled improperly, it will seriously affect the development and progress of the enterprise.
At present, alloy cutting tools have occupied a dominant position in developed countries, with a proportion of up to 70%. However, high-speed steel cutting tools are decreasing at a rate of 1% to 2% annually, and the proportion has now dropped to below 30%.
At the same time, hard alloy cutting tools have also become the main cutting tools required by processing enterprises in China, widely used in heavy industry fields such as automobile and component production, mold manufacturing, aerospace, etc. However, Chinese tool enterprises blindly and extensively produce high-speed steel tools and some low-end standard tools, without considering market saturation and enterprise needs, ultimately achieving high added value The high-tech content of the high-end cutting tool market has given way to foreign enterprises.
According to data, the current annual sales revenue of cutting tools in China is approximately 14.5 billion yuan, with carbide cutting tools accounting for less than 25% of the total. However, the demand for carbide cutting tools in the domestic manufacturing industry has exceeded 50%. This blind production has seriously failed to meet the growing demand for carbide cutting tools in the domestic manufacturing industry, resulting in a vacuum in the mid to high end market and ultimately being occupied by foreign enterprises.
Of the 16500 tons of hard alloy produced in China, 4500 tons are used for cutting tool production, which is equivalent in quantity to Japan. However, the value of the tool after production is only 800 million US dollars, far less than Japan's 2.5 billion US dollars, which fully indicates that the overall production level of high-efficiency hard alloy tools in China still has a considerable gap compared to foreign countries. So, on the premise that domestic enterprises cannot meet market demand, the demand of the manufacturing industry has to rely on a large number of imports to solve.
The annual growth rate of sales by major foreign investors in the mid to high end cutting tool market in China has reached 30%, exceeding the annual growth level of domestic cutting tools.
On the 150th anniversary of the establishment of Sandvik Group, in order to celebrate this grand occasion and continue to inherit Sandvik's century long accumulation in talent cultivation, Sandvik's world-class cutting tool brand, Sandvik Keleman, invited 150 students majoring in mechanical or numerical control from universities and colleges in 9 cities across the country to participate in its Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing The cutting summer camp activities held in four cities in Wuhan encourage young students to join the mechanical processing industry, laying a solid foundation for promoting the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry.
At the end of the summer camp activities at Guangzhou Railway Station, Shanghai railway station and Beijing Railway Station, nearly 120 teachers and students from 18 colleges and universities, including Guangzhou Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Technicians, Shanghai Jiaotong University and Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, visited the modern machining workshops and key university laboratories, listened carefully to the special lectures given by the engineers in yellow on the application of cutting tool technology, and carefully observed the on-site demonstration of modern milling art parts processing, Participated in the assembly and disassembly competition of typical hard alloy cutting tools in person, and experienced the world's leading mechanical processing technology in a close and comprehensive manner.

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