The Origin of 6S


6S originated in Japan and effectively manages production factors such as personnel, machines, materials, and methods on the production site. It is a unique management method for Japanese enterprises.
In 1955, the promotional slogan of Japan's 5S was "Safety begins with organization, and finally rectification". At that time, only the first two S were implemented, with the sole purpose of ensuring working space and safety. Later, due to the needs of production and quality control, 3S was gradually put forward, that is, cleaning, cultivation, which further expanded the application space and scope of 5S. By 1986, 5S books in Japan were gradually published, which had an impact on the entire on-site management model at that time, and thus set off a 5S management boom.
Development of 6S
After World War II, Japanese style enterprises used the 5S movement as the foundation of their management work, implemented various quality management techniques, and rapidly improved product quality, establishing their position as an economic powerhouse; Under the advocacy and promotion of Toyota, 5S has played a huge role in shaping the image of the enterprise, reducing costs, delivering on time, ensuring safe production, highly standardized, creating a refreshing workplace, and on-site improvement, achieving remarkable results. 5S has gradually been recognized by the management community of various countries. With the development of the world economy, 5S has become a new trend in factory management.
According to the needs of further development of enterprises, some companies have added the two elements of "Save" and "Safety" to the original 5S, forming "7S", while others have added habituation (Shiukanka), service (Service), and persistence (Shikoku) to form "10S". But everything changes without leaving its roots, and the so-called "7S" and "10S" are derived from "5S".

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