The purpose and benefits of implementing 6S management


6S management is not just about looking good, it's about saving face. The reason why enterprises implement 6S management internally is to achieve substantial changes for the company through 6S management. The implementation of 6S is not static, nor is it a simple explanation of organizing, rectifying, cleaning, literacy, and safety. In the process of implementing 6S, it is often necessary to effectively combine the basic content of 6S with the specific situation of the company, and continuously explore the process of such integration, Gradually accumulate experience in implementing 6S management that is suitable for our own enterprise, but in such a process, it will not be smooth sailing and we will definitely encounter various difficulties. If we cannot solve the problem well, what the enterprise values when using 6S management is the benefits it brings to the enterprise. Through exploration, we constantly seek improvement to make the enterprise stand firm in our field and gain experience, Before the implementation of 6S management, we often encounter some problems in our work: the work is disorganized, the desktop is messy, the environment is dirty and messy, which makes our mood worse, and the plans we make are often delayed... These have had a significant impact on our work, seriously affecting our work mood, and greatly reducing work efficiency, making it difficult to improve.
However, the benefits of conducting 6S management activities include: ensuring work quality and improving one's own work efficiency; Reduce consumption, resulting in reduced costs; It can ensure the normal operation of machinery and equipment; Greatly improved the work environment, eliminated safety hazards, and thus increased employee satisfaction; Improved employee skills; Leave a good impression on customers, enhance the confidence of cooperation, and promote the brand and reputation of our company well.
The main reason why enterprises implement 6S management is to provide a comfortable working environment, provide a safe workplace, enhance employees' work mood, improve on-site work efficiency, improve product quality level, enhance the service life of equipment, and shape a good corporate image. These are all things that every enterprise wants to achieve and deserves improvement.
The implementation of 6S management activities is very good for enhancing the company's image. A clean work environment brings a full work atmosphere to employees, and an orderly management model can also bring a new look, attract customers, and give customers sufficient confidence to cooperate. In addition, old customers can drive new customers, and free publicity can be done to expand customer base, This kind of transmission not only brings customers but also more outstanding talents to join the company for work. Shared goals can bring employees closer together, unleash team spirit, and drive the company's employees to improve their thinking, giving them a sense of achievement.

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