The core of 6S


6S refers to organizing (SEIRI), organizing (SEITON), cleaning (SEISOU), cleaning (SEIKETSU), literacy (habits) (SHITSUKEI), and safety (SAFETY).
Among them, organizing, rectifying, cleaning, cleaning, and literacy 5S was invented in Japan, and was pronounced in Japanese. Since its pronunciation starts with S, it is called 5S. Later, because safety is also a very important project in factory management, the English pronunciation of safety also starts with S, it was added to 5S and collectively referred to as 6S. 
'Sorting' refers to distinguishing between what is needed and what is not needed within a company (factory), such as excess tools, materials, semi-finished products, finished products, stationery, etc. Remove unnecessary items from the workplace, centralize and categorize them for identification and management, so that only the necessary items are kept on the workplace, making it neat and beautiful, and enabling staff to work in a comfortable environment. 
'Rectification' refers to quantifying, designating, and labeling the previously identified items that are needed at the workplace, and storing them in a place where they can be obtained at any time when needed. This can reduce the time wasted in searching for items. 
Cleaning "is to keep the workplace free of garbage and dirt, and the equipment free of dust and oil. It means to regularly clean and tidy up the things that need to be used, and maintain them in a ready to use state. This is the first goal.
The second purpose is to visually, touch, smell, and listen during the cleaning process to identify the root cause of abnormalities and make improvements. 'Cleaning' is to clean the surface and inside (visible and invisible areas). 
Cleaning "refers to maintaining the cleanliness state after sorting, rectification, and cleaning, and more importantly, identifying the root cause and eliminating it. For example, the source of workplace dirt, oil leakage points that cause equipment oil stains, and equipment looseness. 
Literacy "refers to the participation of all employees in organizing, rectifying, cleaning, and maintaining a neat and clean work environment. In order to do this job well, various relevant standards are formulated for everyone to comply with, and everyone can develop the habit of complying with standards. 
Safety "refers to the elimination or prevention of sources of safety accidents in the workplace, such as oil stains on the ground, blocked passages, blocked safety doors, ineffective fire extinguishers, excessive accumulation of materials and finished products, and the risk of collapse.
And safety is the core of 6S

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